Here are the explanations of the Romanian proverbs used on DUMItRIO’s album Proverbe:

Proverb 1

Calul more de drum lung iar prostul moare de grija altuia.

Literary translation: The horse dies walking a long way and the fool dies worrying about someone else.

English equivalent: Give neither salt nor counsel till you are asked for it.

A call for the Romanian to solve his own problems before minding other’s. The horse (or the dog) is a symbol of devotion. If you are a devoted friend could mean that you’ll try to solve all your friend’s issues. 

Proverb 2

Găina vecinului face ouă mai mari

Literary translation: Neighbour’s chicken makes bigger eggs.

English equivalent: The grass is always greener on the other side of the hill.

Having the impression that what somebody else has or does is always better. Envy, jealousy.

Proverb 3

Eu domn, tu domn, cine să mai ducă sacul?

Literary translation: I’m a gentleman, you’re gentleman, who’s going to carry that bag?

Position, social class. Everyone wants to be the boss but nobody wants to do the dirty work.

Proverb 4

Gura lumii n-o astupă nici pământul.

Literary translation: People’s mouth (talk/gossip) not even the earth (ground) can stop (occlude).

English equivalent: Who brings a tale takes two away.
                            You can’t sew buttons on your neighbor’s mouth.
                            What is told in the ear of a man is often heard 100 miles away.

The Romanians like to gossip and sometimes nothing can stop that. Another explanation could be an advice not to listen to what others say, not to follow everyone’s opinion. Do as you think it’s best.

DUMItRIO Proverbe

Many thanks to Judith State, black belted in trilingual proverbs, for finding the best english equivalents.